Install Remote Control - Please Read Instructions Carefully

Step 1.  View instructions on updating the current remote file (Word Document)

Step 2. Download and Install the Remote Control Program Below. Double Click on "Remote Control Program" below and choose to "Save As or Save and Open" the zip file to your SportsMotion Folder located at c:\Program Files(x86)\sportsmotion for current Windows or c:\Program Files\sportsmotion for older 32 bit Windows. Most browsers and virus software will give you a "Security Message" warning regarding downloading this type of file - please choose to save the file. You could also first create a new sub-folder under SportsMotion folder and name it "Remote Control". Then save the download file there and unzip it.

Please unzip the downloaded "" file. The Zip File contains 4 Files: remote-setup.exe, x10drivers.exe, default32.obc and default64.obc. First, double click on the remote-setup.exe file to install it. Click through any messages you will get at the end of the installation. Second, install the x10drivers.exe - again, click through any messages you get. Once you have installed those two setup files - Reboot your computer.

Once your computer has rebooted and you are at the "Windows Desktop", locate the "triangle icon" at lower right of your taskbar next to your "network and power icons". Locate the "Snow Flake" icon and right click your mouse and choose "Properties". At the top of the "Info Box" you will Click on "Load Configuration" and then go to where you unziped the 4 files and double click on either "default32.obc or default64.obc" depending upon what version of Windows you are running - most newer computers running Vista or later will use the default64.obc file. The "Info Box" should still be Open - please click on "Apply". You are now ready to test the Remote Control with Sports Motion software. Make sure you have the Remote's USB antena plugged in. If you click on the top "Red" power button, Pro Trainer software should load if you successfully installed this software and components.

Remote Control Program

Step 3.  View Pro-Trainer shortcuts document (pdf)


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