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motion analysis, slow motion cameras, biomechanics motion capture


Sports Motion Inc. Announces Professional Video Motion-Analysis Products For Athlete Training

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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, N.J./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 15, 2004 --- As demonstrated at the Olympics, with the difference between Gold and Silver medals now being measured in fractions of a second, sports coaches need new technology to give their athletes a competitive edge. To meet these needs, Sports Motion has announced an enhanced line of computerized video motion-analysis products.

Using high-speed video technology similar to that used by the broadcast networks for the Athens Olympics, Sports Motion provides coaches and trainers with computerized video-analysis equipment to help enhance athlete performance. Using this technology, a coach can easily observe an athlete's motion by capturing, replaying and analyzing video of the athlete almost instantaneously. Frame-by-frame details help the coach pinpoint subtle flaws in the athlete's motion and then help him monitor the correction process closely. Things which are usually unnoticed by the naked eye will be clearly visible.

Sports Motion has developed a line of portable systems that can be setup on the playing field or gymnasium floor, allowing immediate replay. Traditional, more expensive, videotape training methods require that replaying be done after the fact (sometimes hours or even days later). Sports Motion systems are battery-operated, totally self-contained and extremely easy to use. The result is instant visual feedback on location like never before available. The coach can immediately review and analyze video of the athlete as he or she practices.

The Future of Sports Training "Real-time computerized motion analysis is the next frontier in sports performance enhancement," stated Sports Motion president, Jay Lomberk. "Nothing illustrates this point better than the incredible video replay and analysis used by the broadcast networks during the recent Athens games. This is the same level of technology that our systems deliver." Lomberk predicts that athletes not being trained with this technology in the future will lose their competitive edge, and that their coaches will be facing early retirement. "It's that simple," he said.

About Sports Motion

Sports Motion has long recognized a growing need for coaches at all levels to have access to new video-motion technology, which, until now, has only been available to large universities and pro teams. Without access to this technology, coaches and athletes on limited budgets will be denied the chance to get to the next level or to pick up the extra one hundredth of a second. The sole mission of Sports Motion is to make this new technology available to athletes and coaches at all levels by offering a wide range of affordable video motion products. Packages are tailored to fit budgets at levels ranging from the individual golf pro to a professional sports team.

Sports Motion has been producing video motion products since 1999 and has delivered systems worldwide. Their products have become so popular in analyzing the body's motions that they are now being used in the medical and bio-mechanics research fields for injury rehabilitation, gait motion analysis and physical therapy. Sports Motion's clients include the Philadelphia Phillies, United Hospital Systems, Oklahoma Sports Science and The Mayo Clinic.

Sports Motion has offices located in Atlantic Highlands, N.J. and Cardiff, Calif.


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