Any Video Converter Settings

Sports Motion, Inc. is not associated with AVC. We simply found this free converter and recommend it as a solution for video files not properly playing in the Pro-Trainer software. Problems have been reported trying to play videos from Flip and other hard drive cameras that contain their own video codec files. To learn more about Any Video Converter, please visit their website here.

Click here to install Any Video Converter on your computer: Click Here

Step 1 - Open A Video

Once you have your video on the computer that you would like to convert, add it to the converter by clicking "Add Video".

Step 2 - Select Output Folder

By default, the converted files will be saved to documents\Any Video Converter. If you would like to save them to a different location, you may change the output folder by going to edit, options.

Step 3 - Change Video Settings

On the bottom right hand side, you will see different settings under video options. Choose these:

Video Codec: xvid

Frame Size: Original

Video Bitrate: 768

Video Framerate: Auto

Step 4 - Convert

Once the video is converted, you can import the video into Pro-Trainer using the import function. See below for a tutorial video on importing clips. If the clip appears blurry, then click on the resolution menu and change it to 720p.




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